Powering Generations:
Legacy to the Future

June 4th-6th

Renewable Energy & Sustainability Explored 101 Workshop

Alan van der Holt

Alan van der Holt has worked as an electrical engineer since 1991.  He has completed many designs for pump stations, water and wastewater treatment facilities, district energy systems and SCADA systems.  His experience includes work in the oil and gas, industrial and utility sectors and in the design and implementation of control systems, facility electrical systems, instrumentation, MCCs, radio-based systems, and PLC/HMI programming.

Alan was the electrical engineer for KWL’s Schreyer award winning Metlakatla Water Treatment Plant and the award-winning Trent Pump Station.  He has worked on many district energy systems including Creative Energy – Downtown Vancouver District Energy System, City of Vancouver Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility, City of Surrey City Centre District Energy System, Award winning Alexandra District Energy (Richmond) and New Westminster District Energy.

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