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November 6th-8th
Environmental Workshop

Janet Rygnestad

Janet has 20 years’ of work experience in the environmental consulting field and on construction environmental monitoring (CEM) projects. After completing her B.Sc. in microbiology at the University of Victoria, she started her career in the engineering world where she spent 13 years working on contaminated sites and construction projects as an Environmental Group Leader and Senior Project Manager. She has also held a Business Development Manager position with a biological firm, in charge of strategic initiatives and external business development, primarily in the mining sector.

Her expertise in managing multiple, multidisciplinary projects makes her an excellent addition to the Ecofish team as a Project Manager specializing in construction-related projects. Rygnestad’s ability to work well under pressure in her professional career and in search and rescue, combined with her understanding of incorporating environmental regulatory requirements into active construction and long-term monitoring projects, make her a real asset to the Ecofish management team.

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