Powering Generations:
Legacy to the Future

June 4th-6th

Session 3 — Think Global, Act Local

Mike Crawley

As President & Chief Executive Officer, Mike is responsible for leading Northland’s executive team. Mike guides Northland’s strategy of delivering sustained growth and value for shareholders and stakeholders by developing, building, owning and operating clean and green energy infrastructure in Canada and internationally.

Mike joined Northland in July 2015 and previously served as Northland’s Executive Vice President of Development. He is a highly accomplished executive who has played a prominent role in the development of the Canadian independent renewable power sector. He was previously CEO of AIM PowerGen, where he led the company from initial concept to one of the largest independent renewable power developers in Canada. During his tenure, he oversaw more than $1 billion in project financings and the eventual sale of the company to GDF Suez Canada.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts from Western University.

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