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November 6th-8th

Canyon Hydro

Canyon Hydro designs and manufactures custom hydroelectric turbines in Washington State, USA. Additionally, Canyon offers repair, refurbishment and installation services.

Canyon Hydro has been involved in the manufacture of hydroelectric systems since 1976.  The company was incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington in 1982.  All manufacturing facilities and offices are located in the United States, near Deming, Washington.

Canyon Hydro offers Francis, Pelton, Crossflow and energy recovery turbines. Canyon turbines are offered as independent units or as part of complete hydroelectric systems.  Canyon Hydro turbines are designed for either “stand alone” operation, providing power to remote communities, or as “grid interface” systems, connecting directly to the local or national grid.  Canyon customers include utility companies, private power developers, communities, and individual landowners.

Canyon Hydro also offers inspection, repair and replacement services, as well as equipment installation. Our skilled millwrights are experienced in turbine manufacture, making them uniquely qualified to perform onsite repair or refurbishment work.

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The best way to get in touch with Canyon Hydro:

Address 5500 Blue Heron Ln. | Deming, WA | 98244
Main Contact Eric Melander
Phone 1.360.592.5552
Fax 1.360.592.2235

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