Generate 2019:
Electrification Right Here, Right Now

November 6th-8th

Midgard Consulting

Midgard Consulting provides engineering and project consulting services to the energy, power infrastructure, and electric utility sectors across Canada, the United States, and internationally.

Midgard provides services to the energy industry across Canada, the United States, and internationally, with a focus on energy, electricity, and power infrastructure. Midgard’s team has direct expertise covering the range of strategic, technical / engineering, financial, environmental, and stakeholder engagement skills required to inform successful project planning, design, financing, management, construction, and operations.

Midgard’s mission is to help our clients solve their problems in a time efficient and cost effective manner. The foundation of Midgard’s value proposition is based upon the team being experts within their fields. Midgard differentiates itself from other consultants in two ways:

  • Practical Experience: Midgard’s principals have been energy system planners, engineers, developers, owners, and operators. The four founding principals and senior staff have over 150 years of combined experience in electrical generation, transmission, distribution, and planning.
  • Pragmatic Solutions: Midgard’s core philosophy is built around a frugal and measured approach to projects and project management. Our job is to cost effectively help our clients identify and remove risk from projects while progressively graduating projects through a series of milestones and decision points.

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The best way to get in touch with Midgard Consulting:

Address 828-1130 W. Pender Street | Vancouver, BC | V6E 4A4 | Canada
Main Contact Peter Helland
Phone 604.298.4997