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November 6th-8th

RE Royalties

RE Royalties is an innovative finance company specializing in renewable energy.

RE Royalties provides innovative financing solutions for our clients, when traditional financing options are not available or suitable.  Our company strives to provide value for both our clients and shareholders.

We offer reasonable rates, minimal restrictions, and a tailored solution to our clients’ needs. This allows our clients to maintain control and ownership over their projects and businesses. This approach differentiates us from traditional debt and equity financing providers.

Innovation and creativity are at the heart of what we do. We believe we can create a renewable energy future faster through innovative finance. This means transforming the way projects get financed and being flexible and creative in how we help solve our clients’ problems.

We also believe in creating an investment product that allows both retail and institutional investors to participate in the renewable energy evolution.

Sourcing financial capital for renewable energy leaders is a crucial issue for new projects that want to get off the ground quickly to take climate action.  A small, or start-up company can rarely source capital by borrowing from a commercial bank, and accessing capital is the biggest hurdle to getting renewable energy projects built. RE Royalties saw a need to help finance these projects to create a more sustainable economy. With climate change a pressing issue globally, RE Royalties has become an important source of capital for renewable energy projects. In 2016, RE Royalties officially launched as the first company to take the royalty-financing model, well proven in other industries, and apply it to the renewable energy sector.

RE Royalties is a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “RE”.  This public listing allows retail investors to purchase RE Royalties shares and participate in the large and growing renewable energy market. An investment in RE Royalties provides shareholders with strong capital returns, growth and a stable distribution, all while helping reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

The company has ownership of royalties from renewable energy projects in Canada, the United States and Europe with plans to continue growing this portfolio in the future. The current diversified portfolio includes solar parks, wind farms, and run of the river hydro facilities.

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The best way to get in touch with RE Royalties:

Address 15th Floor | 1040 W Georgia Street | Vancouver, BC | V6E 4H1 | Canada
Main Contact Peter Leighton
Phone 778.374.2000