Generate 2019:
Electrification Right Here, Right Now

November 6th-8th
Plenary 7

Carlos Salas

Carlos Salas is a professional geologist (Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia) with over thirty years of wide-ranging industry experience in all facets of oil and gas exploration and has held senior positions, along with directorships in public and private companies. Initially schooled as a fluvial sedimentologist (B.Sc. McMaster University, M.Sc. University of Ottawa, 1986), Mr. Salas has used his well-rounded technical background as an explorationist throughout the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, northern and eastern Canada, various basins throughout the United States and internationally. He is currently at Geoscience BC, a publicly funded non-profit organization, in the capacity of Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer where he is providing technical leadership to initiatives promoting informed resource management decision making through earth science. He is also on Geoscience BC’s Board of Directors.

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