Generate 2019:
Electrification Right Here, Right Now

November 6th-8th
Plenary 3

Dave Earle

Dave Earle is the President and CEO of the B.C. Trucking Association (BCTA), a member-based, province-wide, non-partisan, non-profit motor carrier association representing the road transportation industry in British Columbia.  While acknowledging that heavy trucks bear some blame for greenhouse gas emissions, he champions the industry’s long-term and ongoing efforts – largely successful – to increase the fuel efficiency of its equipment and is a strong advocate for the need to continually embrace technological change.

Prior to joining BCTA in January 2018, Dave was vice-president of government relations and human resources services for the Construction Labour Relations Association of B.C. for over eight years and executive director with the provincial Ministry of Labour’s Employers’ Advisers Office for close to 12. He is secretary-treasurer of the Employers’ Forum and employer caucus chair for WorkSafeBC’s policy and practice consultation committee. Dave holds a B.A. in communications and political science from SFU.

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