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Environmental Workshop: Hanna Donaldson on Geothermal

October 29, 2019 0

Meet Hanna!

Hanna Donaldson is the Strategic Initiatives Director and a Senior Biologist with EDI who will be speaking at the Environmental Workshop on Wednesday, November 6th.

Register for the Environmental Workshop today to learn firsthand from Hannah about geothermal opportunities in BC, the advantages of a sunrise industry, and how sustainable projects can be developed for the future.

Take a sneak peak at what Hanna’s presentation has in store:

Location, location, location. Whether it’s real estate or siting a new geothermal plant, location matters. A key component in evaluating project feasibility is location. Successful projects consider accessibility to resources and markets and search out opportunities to capitalize on this. Projects that consider the physical setting of proposed areas improve environmental and social license approvals which leads to environmentally sustainable projects.

In today’s climate, there is an audible demand for sustainable and clean energy production with less reliance on fossil fuel burning. Sunrise industries such as solar, run-of-river hydro, wind and geothermal energy production are on the rise globally. Here in BC we have seen a multitude of successful clean energy projects including wind farms in the South Peace, a solar power project operating in Kimberley, and numerous independent power producers using run-of-river technology. But what about geothermal in BC? This presentation will speak to geothermal opportunities in BC, discuss the advantages as a sunrise industry, and illustrate how sustainable projects can be developed for the future.

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