Generate 2019:
Electrification Right Here, Right Now

November 6th-8th
Plenary 7

Patrick Crawford

Patrick Crawford is the CEO of FYBR Solutions Inc. (FYBR)

FYBR’s mission is to optimize forest management and the fibre supply chain through advanced technology and methods. FYBR is most well-known for their industry-leading drone-enabled software solutions that enable deep forest and biomass insights, from standing tree, through harvest, manufacturing, and regeneration, all with semi-autonomous consumer drones.

FYBR believes forests are our planet’s greatest resource and that they must be managed sustainably, used efficiently, and renewed effectively. FYBR’s customers, which include government, land owners, and most of the world’s largest wood products and wood pellet manufacturers, cover the globe. FYBR’s technologies reduce unknowns in the fibre supply chain, while simultaneously maximizing forest management success and forest resource sustainability.

Patrick is a recipient of the 2016 BCBusiness 30 Under 30 award, and is based out of Vancouver, BC.

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