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Save the Date for Trail, BC from June 4th-6th

February 8, 2019 0

Electricity sits at the heart of BC, and Clean Energy BC’s 2019 Spring Conference is all about how the province’s communities are leading the way forward in a carbon-constrained world. BC’s industries are becoming further diversified by embracing the development of innovative clean technologies and renewable energy projects, which ultimately strengthens our resilience as a province.

With a fresh focus on BC’s Kootenay communities, this year’s Spring Conference will be hosted in Trail. This region is home to some of BC’s most renowned hydroelectric heritage assets and additionally accounts for over 40% of the electricity generation in BC. Trail boasts exciting new approaches to technology and we are thrilled to be highlighting the clean energy projects in the region, as well as how these projects contribute to overall community engagement.

As a province that has a traditionally resource-based economy, many communities are now looking to further their skills and to gain knowledge in clean tech. For BC to meet our climate targets, intersectoral collaboration will be necessary to achieve these shared goals.

The 2019 Spring Conference will cultivate dialogue on clean energy and the environment with First Nation partners in an inclusive setting. Recognizing the vital role of energy sovereignty and knowledge sharing will help to foster self-determination, economic development, and relationship-building with First Nations and other communities.

Join the clean energy revolution, save the date, and hit the road for Trail from June 4th-6th, 2019.

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